‘Driving Blind’ Campaign Launched in the UK

17 September 2018 / by Matic Ozebek

Having good vision is a vital part of driving. Although driving requires the use of all senses, it’s the eyes that pick up most of the information need to drive. That’s why the importance is placed on taking an eye exam before securing a driver’s licence.  

Earlier this year, the UK’s Association of Optometrists launched […]

AmblyoPlay among exibitors of Web Summit!

1 December 2017 / by Matic Ozebek

Between Nov 6-9 Web Summit took place in Lisbon, Portugal. Web Summit is the largest gathering of technology community in the world with 60.000 attendees from both corporate and startup worlds, as well as policy leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and NGOs. Each year selected startups get to present their solutions to this group of attendees on […]

Smart Optometry Among Health Pioneers in Amsterdam!

17 November 2017 / by Matic Ozebek

At the end of October, Smart Optometry was among 100 best healthcare startups being presented at Health Pioneers conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This conference is the ultimate meeting point for innovators advancing digital healthcare across Europe and beyond and brings together major healthcare startups, innovators, corporations and investors. During the 2-day event, we had […]

Smart Optometry Presents: AMBLYOPLAY – therapy for children with lazy eye!

15 September 2017 / by Matic Ozebek

Smart Optometry Ltd is proud to present our latest product which addresses a serious issue of children with lazy eye: amblyoplay! amblyoplay is a gamified vision therapy for children with amblyopia, primarily targeting children between 4 and 14 years of age. It is our answer to this grave problem that according to latest UK studies […]

Photo Credit: Army Medicine Flickr via Compfight cc

What to expect next in the Eye Care Tech Industry

20 March 2017 / by Matic Ozebek

With the rise in sophisticated technologies, ophthalmologists and other eye professionals are aided with efficient and effective tools to allow them to offer the highest standards in eye healthcare. “We are moving into a new age in eye healthcare where advances in imaging technology are enabling opticians to spend less time taking measurements, and more […]

Introduction to healthy eating in order to maintain and enhance the health of eyes

17 March 2017 / by Matic Ozebek

Nutritional rich and well balanced nutrition is one of the most necessary conditions which must be ensured for the proper functioning of the human body. When we talk about influence of healthy food on human health, we have to think about the basic building unit of our body, that is human cell. Human cells can […]


15 March 2017 / by Matic Ozebek

Despite the snowy storms in the NE United States, we are undoubtedly fast approaching spring time. As the days start getting longer and the outsides warmer, we start thinking more about our health in general. While there are many blogs and websites that can help you with individual aspects of health, we will be focusing […]

Get a taste of Smart Optometry – for FREE (1 hour)!

13 March 2017 / by Matic Ozebek

We all know the feeling when we see a product that claims to provide just the service we are looking for, but there is no way to try it out before paying? It can be frustrating. With the release of update 3.2 for our Smart Optometry application, we are introducing 1 HOUR FREE TRIALS for […]

Smart Optometry 3.0 is LIVE

6 January 2017 / by Matic Ozebek

Just at the beginning of 2017 we released a complete overhaul and upgrade to our Smart Optometry application. It marks the largest upgrade in the history of Smart Optometry and it builds upon feedback from you and in accordance with latest trends. What is the main and most noticable change? We are making Smart Optometry […]

Smart Optometry receives an investment by Slovenian corporation Kolektor

14 November 2016 / by Matic Ozebek

Smart Optometry receives an investment by Slovenian corporation Kolektor Smart Optometry and Kolektor Ventures, a dedicated venture capital branch of Kolektor, have last week successfully concluded investment negotiations that saw Kolektor entering in the ownership structure of Smart Optometry. Seed investment provided by Kolektor Ventures is to be used for further global expansion of the […]


11 November 2016 / by Matic Ozebek

Today Smart Optometry Ltd released an important update to Smart Optometry PRO application for both iOS and Android operating systems. It is very important to update as soon as possible. The changes done are mostly backend based and are important to lay the foundation for the future of the application in 2017. Authentication One change […]

Living in the ageing society – Living with AMD

25 October 2016 / by Matic Ozebek

AMD or Age-related macular degeneration is a deterioration of the eye’s macula (small light-sensitive area in the retina lining the back of the eye). Macula’s main role is allowing you to see fine details clearly. Many elderly people develop some form of macular degeneration as a part of aging process. The most common macular problem, […]

New in Smart Optometry: VA+ (Visual Acuity +)

13 October 2016 / by Matic Ozebek

Examining the person’s ability to distinguish black letters or numbers on a white background is very important. It is usually performed at far, however our way of life demands testing also at near. Visual acuity at near should be tested in all clients, regardless of the client´s age. People are more and more used to […]

Smart Optometry launches a PRO version for Android!

27 September 2016 / by Matic Ozebek

We are proud to announce that today Smart Optometry has launched a PRO version of app for Android users on Google Play store! App includes 15 standardized tests, among others tests for testing visual acurity, color vision, heterophoria, contrast vision and other neurological and visual field defects. Its simple use provides interactive experience while performing basic eye examinations. The app is available […]

New website online!

24 August 2016 / by Matic Ozebek

Following the progress in the development of applications, we are also improving our main company website. It is mobile-compatible and responsive and as such provides for a better user experience. We removed all the clutter and put in focus what you want and need – based on analytics that show how the website was used […]

Eight languages and counting!

19 August 2016 / by Matic Ozebek

With the release of updates 2.1 and 2.1.1 to Smart Optometry application, we expanded the number of languages we are officially supporting in our app to 8! Not only can eye care specialists and their patients enjoy state-of-the-art interactive experience while performing basic eye examination, but they can do so in one of the following […]

Smart Optometry Android app in development

17 August 2016 / by Matic Ozebek

We are glad to report that the Android version of Smart Optometry PRO application is in the development! You can already find Lite (free) version of Smart Optometry on Play Store with 3 different interactive tests, covering the fields of: Visual acuity Colour vision Contrast vision Full Smart Optometry version will be available in next […]

Smart Optometry Lite now available

1 August 2016 / by Matic Ozebek

Smart Optometry application for smartphones and tablets is for some time already available for all iOS devices at a price of $4.99, yet we have received a feedback that given very bad experience with some applications that under delivered, some of you are very cautious before shilling out for a professional application. You stated that […]