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Get a taste of Smart Optometry – for FREE (1 hour)!

13 March 2017 / by Matic Ozebek

We all know the feeling when we see a product that claims to provide just the service we are looking for, but there is no way to try it out before paying? It can be frustrating.
With the release of update 3.2 for our Smart Optometry application, we are introducing 1 HOUR FREE TRIALS for every test in the application. This way, you are able to try out the tests beforehand and decide upon this experience whether you want to make a purchase or not. We also introduced new way of purchasing: you can now buy individual tests ($/€ 1.99) or buy all tests for $/€ 9.99! Bundle is still a bargain, but if you are only convinced by 2 or 3 tests, individual purchases might be better suited for you!
What else is new within the update 3.2? We introduced a new language (Czech), which brings us to 11 localisations of our application, thus covering majority of world population. If you want yet another language included, please write to info@smart-optometry.com and let’s work something out!


Get Smart Optometry

Smart Optometry app v3.2 is available to download on Apple App Store and Google Play. App support all iPhone and iPad models running iOS 8.0 or later and Android devices running Lollypop.

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Smart Optometry 3.0 is LIVE

6 January 2017 / by Matic Ozebek

Just at the beginning of 2017 we released a complete overhaul and upgrade to our Smart Optometry application. It marks the largest upgrade in the history of Smart Optometry and it builds upon feedback from you and in accordance with latest trends.

What is the main and most noticable change? We are making Smart Optometry FREE to download with an option to unlock tests with an In App purchase! However, there are more things that are new!

So, what else has changed?

  • Users that purchased Smart Optometry prior to release of the update will be able to continue using all tests without any change.

  • Users will now have to register and log in to the application to ensure customised and personalised experience.

  • We added Favourite test option (iOS). By “starring” your favourite tests, you will have the option to display only these tests at the main screen.

  • Users new to the application will receive 3 tests for FREE, while others will be available as an In App purchase.

  • We streamlined your user experience. Less clicks are needed to enter the tests and everything (aside from the tests themselves) happens on a single screen.

  • 9 language localisation will be unlocked for all users, even if no In App purchase was made.

  • Everyone will be able to use converters (1 for Android, 2 for iOS) for free!

  • Vertex Calculator now gives you straight Glasses to Contact Lens (or vice versa) conversion.

  • Visual Acuity Unit Converter (iOS only) now offers conversion in 13 different units (Feet, Meter, Decimal, Visual Angle, Line Number, LogMAR, Spatial Frequency, Cen. Visual Efficiency, Jaeger, Inches, Centimeters, American Point-Type, M Notation.)


Let us know, what you think on info@smart-optometry.com!

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New in Smart Optometry: VA+ (Visual Acuity +)

13 October 2016 / by Matic Ozebek

Examining the person’s ability to distinguish black letters or numbers on a white background is very important. It is usually performed at far, however our way of life demands testing also at near. Visual acuity at near should be tested in all clients, regardless of the client´s age. People are more and more used to use phones on a daily basis; this is why they would also be more familiar with the reading text on the smartphones than on traditional paper charts. Test measures the clarity of vision or its ability to resolve detail.

Reading test (as part of Visual Acuity and Visual Acuity+) is used to verify that the prescribed correction is appropriate. When dealing with clients with low vision, the main concern may not be optics, but functional performance, since it is the basis to prescribe suitable magnification.

Smart Optometry application already includes Visual Acuity test, but now we are introducing Visual Acuity+, which takes interactivity to a new level! Professional game-like interaction provides very precise results, as well as makes it fun and interesting for the clients and patients.

Visual Acuity+ is available as an in-app purchase in iOS version of Smart Optometry.

Get your Smart Optometry App:

Smart Optometry PRO (Android): https://goo.gl/VnoYuJ
Smart Optometry PRO (iOS): https://goo.gl/BcGNJ0

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Smart Optometry Android app in development

17 August 2016 / by Matic Ozebek

We are glad to report that the Android version of Smart Optometry PRO application is in the development! You can already find Lite (free) version of Smart Optometry on Play Store with 3 different interactive tests, covering the fields of:

  • Visual acuity
  • Colour vision
  • Contrast vision

Full Smart Optometry version will be available in next months for a total of 15 standardised tests from the testing fields of:

  • Heterophoria / heterotropia,
  • Neurological and visual field defects,
  • Amblyopia,
  • and others.

Smart Optometry PRO for Android will include all the functionalities available to iOS users, however it will be completely optimised for the Android devices: application will use native and intuitive controls that Android users are used to.

Stay tuned and Smart up your vision!

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Smart Optometry Lite now available

1 August 2016 / by Matic Ozebek

Smart Optometry application for smartphones and tablets is for some time already available for all iOS devices at a price of $4.99, yet we have received a feedback that given very bad experience with some applications that under delivered, some of you are very cautious before shilling out for a professional application. You stated that you wanted to »try out, before actually purchasing«.

Since we are in business of listening to your desires and finding ways to accommodate your wishes, we have prepared for you a stripped down version of Smart Optometry, that instead of 15 standardised methods of eye examinations, includes 3 such tests that are used the most and do not require any additional equipment (such as green-red filters). Free Lite version does not include language localisation (available only in Pro version), but it does include our News section that brings you curated daily news from the eye care industry.

However, we went one step further: not only we are offering you Smart Optometry Lite version for free on iOS devices – we also prepared Android version of the Lite application! You can find links to all versions below, as well as in the ‘Download’ section on this website.

Smart up your vision!

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