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‘Driving Blind’ Campaign Launched in the UK

17 September 2018 / by Matic Ozebek

Having good vision is a vital part of driving. Although driving requires the use of all senses, it’s the eyes that pick up most of the information need to drive. That’s why the importance is placed on taking an eye exam before securing a driver’s licence. 

Earlier this year, the UK’s Association of Optometrists launched a campaign called ‘Driving Blind’. The initiative seeks the establishment of a new government policy that would require drivers to go through an eye exam before their driving test and every time they renew their driver’s licence. Road Safety GB reports on the sentiments of campaign spokesman Nigel Corbett, who is set to present a manifesto to the House of Commons. The document suggests that all drivers should be assessed by an optician, and explains the importance of eye tests any why they should be administered every decade until a driver reaches the age of 70. Corbett has criticised the fact that the current eye tests aren’t administered by professionals and that this needs to change. 

This is not the first time that the AOP has shed light on the issue of drivers’ eye health. Last year, the organisation set up the ‘Don’t Swerve a Sight Test’ campaign. It advocated for all drivers to take a eye test every two years in order to maintain their eye health. This is so that they would have better chances of avoiding road accidents. According to them, more than a third of all optometrists have had patients who continued driving despite being told their vision was below legal standards. They also believe that around 3,000 road accidents in the UK have involved drivers with poor vision. 

In truth, countries around the world are taking various steps to improve road safety. Here in Slovenia, a national campaign was rolled out to spread awareness about speeding. Radiotelevizija Slovenija noted that speeding accounted for 44% of traffic fatalities in the country last year, making it the leading cause of road accidents. Despite the casualties, however, road safety in Slovenia is improving, as fatality numbers dropped in 2017 compared to 2016.

Elsewhere in the world, the roads are even less safe. For instance, the Wall Street Journal’s report on US vehicle accidents reveals that the country’s motor vehicle deaths remained around the 40,000 mark last year, a decade-high statistic. Factors such as driver distractions, exhaustion, and driving for too long, all contributed to the rise. To address these problems, the US government has issued an electronic logging device (ELD) mandate for all commercial vehicles that are at higher risk of committing or being in road accidents. Verizon Connect explains that the ELD mandate helps promote road safety because of the precise and interconnected nature of the devices. ELDs can be configured to monitor safe speeds, as well as correct unsafe driver habits like erratic braking, speeding, and quick starts. At the same, the devices can send reports to managers for them to be aware of and address their drivers’ habits.

Although Slovenia performs better in road safety than other countries, it can still learn a thing or two from other states in terms of implementing road safety laws. The UK is on the right track in thinking that vision plays a large role in one’s driving. That is why, here on Smart Optometry we are advocates for combining tech and eye health, and work to “smart up your vision” with interactive and easy-to-use vision tests. If you’re interested in maintaining the health of your own eyes, check out Smart Optometry’s introduction to maintain and enhance eye health.

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By Techie Jen B

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AmblyoPlay among exibitors of Web Summit!

1 December 2017 / by Matic Ozebek

Between Nov 6-9 Web Summit took place in Lisbon, Portugal. Web Summit is the largest gathering of technology community in the world with 60.000 attendees from both corporate and startup worlds, as well as policy leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and NGOs.

Each year selected startups get to present their solutions to this group of attendees on dedicated stands. This year Smart Optometry was among the chosen ones with our latest solution – AmblyoPlay. In the vicinity of HealthConf stage, where inspiring eHealth and MedTech topics were discussed, constant stream of interested investors, fellow startup entrepreneurs as well as media flew by Smart Optometry stand and there were many who stopped to both learn more and try out AmblyoPlay on their own.

Positive feedback that was received was an instant inspiration and encouragement for the continuation and finalisation of the development of this smart vision therapy for children with AmblyoPlay. It once again underlined how wide-spread this problem is, with several visitors reporting their own personal experience with Vision Therapy in their youth, or the experiences of their relatives. What was mentioned very often is precisely the focal point of AmblyoPlay: problem is not that there are no vision therapy methods that work; but rather, none of the current methods is not fun, stimulating and engaging enough.

Lisbon once again proved that for 3 days each year it becomes startup/tech capital of the world, providing inspiration and energy boost for all attending. Final Center Stage lecture by Al Gore on climate change was just the final example of that: encouraging all to take action and make this world a better place for current and future generations!

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Smart Optometry Among Health Pioneers in Amsterdam!

17 November 2017 / by Matic Ozebek

At the end of October, Smart Optometry was among 100 best healthcare startups being presented at Health Pioneers conference in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This conference is the ultimate meeting point for innovators advancing digital healthcare across Europe and beyond and brings together major healthcare startups, innovators, corporations and investors.

During the 2-day event, we had an amazing opportunity to meet and discuss the challenges of health sector, especially what are the main challenges that face new startups entering this industry. It became apparent that talent and knowledge are the main strengths that startups bring to the table, while a lot still has to be done in regards to addressing the regulatory demands in this field.

Smart Optometry, with both Smart Optometry vision screening application for eye care professionals as well as with AmblyoPlay vision therapy for children with binocular vision dysfunctions (such as lazy eye), joined the lively discussion emphasising the role of preventive medicine and timely intervention to avoid much more severe health problems in the future. The decision to venture into children health care with AmblyoPlay using new technologies and offering remote supervision to the physicians, while maintaining product user friendly and highly intuitive, was lauded as a great example of keeping solutions simple for the users with complexity running in the background.

Although the 1-on-1 meetings were scheduled throughout the whole day, the main stage offered many interesting lectures and presentations by already well established startups. Statements like that of Johannes Schildt co-founder of market-leading Swedish video doctor platform KRY: »90% of primary healthcare will be moving online,« or “Data is going to be the foundation of the transformation in health care,” by Bart de Witte, Director of Digital Health in the DACH region for IBM Germany only further emphasised that the future of healthcare is in digital and that it will be driven by personalised and customised approaches based on the data. Bart de Witte further emphasised this importance: »Going forward we need to start thinking in terms of a platform economy, stop using data protection as an excuse to block innovation and put more money into the market. And there’s going to be a huge battle to become the platform that’s a kind of Google for health data.«


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Smart Optometry Presents: AMBLYOPLAY – therapy for children with lazy eye!

15 September 2017 / by Matic Ozebek

Smart Optometry Ltd is proud to present our latest product which addresses a serious issue of children with lazy eye: amblyoplay!

amblyoplay is a gamified vision therapy for children with amblyopia, primarily targeting children between 4 and 14 years of age. It is our answer to this grave problem that according to latest UK studies affects up to 5 % of the population.

Therapy using amblyoplay is done through fusion training and by playing games using either eye patch (when binocularity is in its infant stages) or red / green filter glasses which shows partial complementary image to both eyes, thus requiring coordinated work by both eyes to be able to progress in the game.

amblyoplay is being developed by Smart Optometry team in cooperation with international experts and eye care specialists from Germany and Slovenia. It is entering clinical testing and is schedule to become publicly available in first quarter of 2018.

Learn more about amblyoplay at:
Learn more about lazy eye (or amblyopia) at:

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Photo Credit: Army Medicine Flickr via Compfight cc

What to expect next in the Eye Care Tech Industry

20 March 2017 / by Matic Ozebek

With the rise in sophisticated technologies, ophthalmologists and other eye professionals are aided with efficient and effective tools to allow them to offer the highest standards in eye healthcare.

“We are moving into a new age in eye healthcare where advances in imaging technology are enabling opticians to spend less time taking measurements, and more time analysing the findings and providing patients with a tailored management plan,” said. Catherine Chisholm, former president of the British Contact Lens Association, in an interview with Raconteur.

Dr. Chisholm added, “Instruments for measuring the pressure inside the eye or photographing the back of the eye, for example, are now so automated and user-friendly that other members of staff can be trained in their use, further freeing up valuable consultation time for the patient.”

However, the future has more technological advancements in store for the eye care industry. Read on below what find out what to expect next in the eye healthcare industry.

Mobile health tools for professionals and patients

As mobile devices become an indispensable technology in today’s world, developers will find a way to maximize smartphones and tablets in enhancing eye care services, both on from the provider and patient’s end.

Ophthalmologists and eye care professionals are now aided with innovative tools that make eye examinations efficient and more accurate. Smart Optometry is a new technology that leverages Android and iOS devices in assisting doctors through eye examinations, patients with eye therapy, and the general public in monitoring their eye health and preventing eye damage.

Soon, it’s probably that we will see doctors carrying head-mounted displays with ophthalmic technologies that could replace the ones used in clinics. By then, doctors will be able to provide eye health assistance, even to those in remote areas.

While ophthalmic mobile apps are convenient and efficient, they cannot replace clinical judgment. It’s still necessary to have a regulation of mobile apps partnered with evidence-based trials to benefit both patients and healthcare providers.

Wearables for eye care

Aside from smartphones and health apps, wearables are becoming a vital tool in managing health. They do more than just track vital signs, as the next wave of wearable devices will be able to assist people in fixing some of their health problems, such as correcting eye issues.

At the moment, smartwatches offer almost the same features as their paired handsets. Tech resource O2 cited some of the known benefits of wearables including alarm clocks, sleep monitors, activity trackers, health data managers, gaming platforms, restaurant recommendations, notifications, maps and more.

“Whether you want to catch up on the news, make sure you’re staying active or even play soothing noises to help you sleep, there’s all sorts that a smartwatch can help you with,” as explained on O2’s inspirational hub article ‘Day with a smartwatch’.

Due to innovation, future wearables will be smarter, more powerful, and will be better at monitoring health. Take for example, the Smart Contact Lens that many digital tech firms, such as Google, Sony, and Samsung, are working on right now that can help people in correcting their eye problems. This particular wearable fitted with an artificial iris will be able to aid patients with eye injuries and congenital diseases, according to Katherine Bourzac’s IEEE Spectrum article.

Currently, there’s no specific time on when we will be able to see this technology on the market as it faces multiple challenges in the development stage. But, it’s something to look forward to in the future.

Whatever comes next, the latest developments in eye technology are already providing a world of possibilities to enhance patients’ vision and eye care. It is only fitting that we maximize them and future technologies to provide ourselves with the best possible eye care and visual performance available. Whether it’s a technology that aids patients or medical professionals, the future looks very promising at this point.

Written by

Techie Jen B.

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Introduction to healthy eating in order to maintain and enhance the health of eyes

17 March 2017 / by Matic Ozebek

Nutritional rich and well balanced nutrition is one of the most necessary conditions which must be ensured for the proper functioning of the human body. When we talk about influence of healthy food on human health, we have to think about the basic building unit of our body, that is human cell. Human cells can be healthy only if they are well supplied with basic nutrients, oxygen and water. In order to provide before mentioned conditions for healthy cells we also need healthy cardiovascular system, which is necessary for transport of nutrients and oxygen to cells and removal of waste products out of the cells.

Before we start talking about healthy nutrition that have beneficial effect on eyes, we have to look up into the eye anatomy and physiology of different body tissues that are included in anatomy of a human eye.

The human eye is constructed from the following tissues:

  1. Muscle tissue (striated muscle and smooth muscle)
  2. Sensory cells (photoreceptors on retina)
  3. Nerve tissue (optic nerve)
  4. Connective tissue

Important part of human eye anatomy is also water that represents almost 99 % of vitreous.

Each of these body tissues requires certain nutrients that enable their normal functioning, growth and renewal.

Most important nutrients for strengthen and maintain the health of your eyes are vitamins (β-carotene (vit. A), vit. E, vit. C, folic acid, B-complex), minerals (iron, calcium, sodium, magnesium), ω-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) and water. It is also important that diet do not include larger amount of sugar and trans fatty acids, which can lead to various health problems with eyes.

More information about nutrients and their role in strengthening and maintaining healthy eyes follow in the following publications.

Written by Peter Jantol

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15 March 2017 / by Matic Ozebek

Despite the snowy storms in the NE United States, we are undoubtedly fast approaching spring time. As the days start getting longer and the outsides warmer, we start thinking more about our health in general. While there are many blogs and websites that can help you with individual aspects of health, we will be focusing on our website on the elements that effect our eyes – and since they say that »Eyes are the gateway to our souls« – we can learn a lot about our health just by looking and examining the eye. It shows possible issues, deficiencies, as well as reflects (un)health lifestyle in general.

Throughout March and April, we will be publishing articles that will help you lead healthier life – both for your general health, as well as for the health of your eyes. We will be touching upon the importance of nutrition and how its ingredients affect the eye health. Additionally, we will share some eye health tips on all our platform and some eye health challenges in which you will be able to participate.

We are starting tomorrow with first blog post about nutrition and eye health – an introduction in a series of blogs! As the U.S. Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics puts it: »Put your best fork forward!«

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Get a taste of Smart Optometry – for FREE (1 hour)!

13 March 2017 / by Matic Ozebek

We all know the feeling when we see a product that claims to provide just the service we are looking for, but there is no way to try it out before paying? It can be frustrating.
With the release of update 3.2 for our Smart Optometry application, we are introducing 1 HOUR FREE TRIALS for every test in the application. This way, you are able to try out the tests beforehand and decide upon this experience whether you want to make a purchase or not. We also introduced new way of purchasing: you can now buy individual tests ($/€ 1.99) or buy all tests for $/€ 9.99! Bundle is still a bargain, but if you are only convinced by 2 or 3 tests, individual purchases might be better suited for you!
What else is new within the update 3.2? We introduced a new language (Czech), which brings us to 11 localisations of our application, thus covering majority of world population. If you want yet another language included, please write to and let’s work something out!


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Smart Optometry app v3.2 is available to download on Apple App Store and Google Play. App support all iPhone and iPad models running iOS 8.0 or later and Android devices running Lollypop.

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Smart Optometry 3.0 is LIVE

6 January 2017 / by Matic Ozebek

Just at the beginning of 2017 we released a complete overhaul and upgrade to our Smart Optometry application. It marks the largest upgrade in the history of Smart Optometry and it builds upon feedback from you and in accordance with latest trends.

What is the main and most noticable change? We are making Smart Optometry FREE to download with an option to unlock tests with an In App purchase! However, there are more things that are new!

So, what else has changed?


Let us know, what you think on!

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Smart Optometry receives an investment by Slovenian corporation Kolektor

14 November 2016 / by Matic Ozebek

Smart Optometry receives an investment by Slovenian corporation Kolektor

Smart Optometry and Kolektor Ventures, a dedicated venture capital branch of Kolektor, have last week successfully concluded investment negotiations that saw Kolektor entering in the ownership structure of Smart Optometry.

Seed investment provided by Kolektor Ventures is to be used for further global expansion of the products by Smart Optometry, namely already released Smart Optometry application for eye care practitioners, as well as the development and launch of new products in the software category, ranging from therapeutical and monitoring fields of eye care. With this investment Smart Optometry is even further committed to providing topnotch software services to eye care practitioners, patients and general public, all with an aim of ensuring quality and precision in eye care industry.

About Kolektor

Kolektor is a trans-national company connecting almost 30 companies on strategic world markets. The group`s companies are organizationally bound under the branch principle. Developmentally as well as business-oriented, the programs are managed in the following business divisions:

Through advantages of synergies of the programs as well as in the technological field, each individual company contributes to successful operation of the entire group and enables realization of common long-term goals.

Kolektor boasts tradition in highly specialized industrial production. On its path of half a century Kolektor evolved into a global company with its seat in Slovenia and a wide spread net of companies and subsidiaries in Europe, in the USA and in Asia. Strategic position of the company`s headquarters in the heart of Europe, and global marketing and production presence on all important world markets, ensure effective managing of market demand and optimal business solutions. Developmentally and technologically advanced processes speak of our efforts to fulfill customer demands by providing prompt and responsible solutions.

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