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11 November 2016 / by Matic Ozebek

Today Smart Optometry Ltd released an important update to Smart Optometry PRO application for both iOS and Android operating systems. It is very important to update as soon as possible. The changes done are mostly backend based and are important to lay the foundation for the future of the application in 2017.


One change all users will notice is that after the update you will have to Sign up in the application (just first time after the update). It is very important that you use the working e-mail when signing up, since this will be you authentication key for the future of Smart Optometry.

Reasons for change

But why implement this change? At the beginning of 2017, Smart Optometry will launch in a new form: we will remove Smart Optometry Lite and only keep Smart Optometry Pro. It will become free to download in the App Store / Play Store, however all but 3 tests will be locked with an in-App purchase (same price as Smart Optometry Pro will be before the change). However, to ensure that users of the application that already paid for Smart Optometry PRO do not end up with locked tests, we are adding this two-stage authentication. All PRO users, who will update their application and will Sign up in the application by December 31, 2016, will keep all the benefits they have right now.


Additionally, we added a new characteristic to the application with a question about your Occupation (asked when Signing up). This is important for us to analyse, how users of different occupations use our application. It will enable us to further customise and personalise the application to you.


Thank you for yours continues support and update right away!

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Living in the ageing society – Living with AMD

25 October 2016 / by Matic Ozebek

AMD or Age-related macular degeneration is a deterioration of the eye’s macula (small light-sensitive area in the retina lining the back of the eye). Macula’s main role is allowing you to see fine details clearly. Many elderly people develop some form of macular degeneration as a part of aging process. The most common macular problem, however, is AMD.

How do you notice AMD? The symptoms are blurrinessdark areas or distortion in central vision and even in some cases permanent loss of central vision. Peripheral vision is usually not impacted. However, cured or uncured, AMD alone almost never causes total blindness. Although its impact on the vision can be small, it still influences the quality of life of a patient.

There are two forms of AMD: dry AMD and wet AMD. Dry macular degeneration is a condition which is caused by aging and thinning of the tissues of the macula. With this form, vision loss is usually gradual. It is important that people suffering from this form constantly monitor their central vision – if any change is notices, patient should immediately visit his or hers eye care professional. On the other hand, wet AMD occurs in 10% of cases but it can cause more serious damage. It occurs when abnormal blood vessels start growing underneath the retina. Vision loss from this form of macular degeneration may be faster and more noticeable.

There are different factors that may influence when and if AMD occurs:

  • First and an obvious one is age. According to American Academy of Ophthalmology large study found that the risk of getting macular degeneration jumps from about 2 percent of middle-aged people in their 50s to nearly 30 percent in people over age 75.
  • Second one is oxidative stress. Over our lifetimes, as a result of this activity, our bodies produce tiny molecules called free radicals. These free radicals affect our cells, sometimes damaging them. It was found that 1 in 3 Caucasians have these genetic changes that are prone to damage from this type of stress.
  • Thirdly, there is heredity factor. People that have a close family member with AMD are at higher risk for developing AMD themselves.
  • Fourthly, smokinghigh blood pressure (hypertension) or abnormal cholesterol levels may influence developing advanced (wet) form of AMD. There are some suggestions by research that there is a link between being obese and having early/intermediate stage AMD develop into wet form.

Regular eye exams by an eye care professional may help to detect problems or early stages of macular degeneration before you are even aware of them. It is imperative that the tests are performed at every eye exam. For the detection of the dry AMD Amsler grid is used, while the diagnosis of wet AMD usually requires OCT (optical coherence tomography).

Next time, we shall talk about treating AMD and some further research being done about AMD.

Stay tuned by filling out this form:

For more references and in-depth presentation of AMD, click here



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New in Smart Optometry: VA+ (Visual Acuity +)

13 October 2016 / by Matic Ozebek

Examining the person’s ability to distinguish black letters or numbers on a white background is very important. It is usually performed at far, however our way of life demands testing also at near. Visual acuity at near should be tested in all clients, regardless of the client´s age. People are more and more used to use phones on a daily basis; this is why they would also be more familiar with the reading text on the smartphones than on traditional paper charts. Test measures the clarity of vision or its ability to resolve detail.

Reading test (as part of Visual Acuity and Visual Acuity+) is used to verify that the prescribed correction is appropriate. When dealing with clients with low vision, the main concern may not be optics, but functional performance, since it is the basis to prescribe suitable magnification.

Smart Optometry application already includes Visual Acuity test, but now we are introducing Visual Acuity+, which takes interactivity to a new level! Professional game-like interaction provides very precise results, as well as makes it fun and interesting for the clients and patients.

Visual Acuity+ is available as an in-app purchase in iOS version of Smart Optometry.

Get your Smart Optometry App:

Smart Optometry PRO (Android):
Smart Optometry PRO (iOS):

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Smart Optometry launches a PRO version for Android!

27 September 2016 / by Matic Ozebek

We are proud to announce that today Smart Optometry has launched a PRO version of app for Android users on Google Play store! App includes 15 standardized tests, among others tests for testing visual acurity, color vision, heterophoria, contrast vision and other neurological and visual field defects. Its simple use provides interactive experience while performing basic eye examinations. The app is available in various languages.


Download app from Google Play and improve your patients’ experience today!
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New website online!

24 August 2016 / by Matic Ozebek

Following the progress in the development of applications, we are also improving our main company website. It is mobile-compatible and responsive and as such provides for a better user experience. We removed all the clutter and put in focus what you want and need – based on analytics that show how the website was used and what were the most sought after information.

New website will offer general overview of our product portfolio and bring you the latest news about both our company, our partners and the progress international eye care industry is making. We will be publishing relevant blogs from both our in-house experts and outside experts. Under ‘Downloads’ section you can find all our products and where to download them, while you can find out who we are under ‘About Us’ section. It is very important to keep in touch with all of us – therefore we would be thrilled if you were to use the ‘Contact’ tab and let us know what you think or what you would like us to do next!

Specific products (Smart Optometry and others currently in development) will only be briefly presented on this website, but we are making separate showcase websites just to present you our products in depth. These websites are as of now in the development and you can expect their publishing in coming weeks.

Enjoy and Smart up your vision!

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Eight languages and counting!

19 August 2016 / by Matic Ozebek

With the release of updates 2.1 and 2.1.1 to Smart Optometry application, we expanded the number of languages we are officially supporting in our app to 8! Not only can eye care specialists and their patients enjoy state-of-the-art interactive experience while performing basic eye examination, but they can do so in one of the following languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Norwegian
  • Croatian
  • Slovenian

Eye examination has to be done very preciselly and all potential circumstances for errors should be eliminated. One such field is field of a language barrier. To ensure really seamless and precise execution of eye examination, it should be done in patients (and doctors) mothertongue. This is why we are committed on ensuring that our Smart Optometry app is offered and supported in as many languages as possible!

Is your language not among the supported languages? Tell us and we will see what we can do! Write to:

Smart up your Vision!

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Smart Optometry Android app in development

17 August 2016 / by Matic Ozebek

We are glad to report that the Android version of Smart Optometry PRO application is in the development! You can already find Lite (free) version of Smart Optometry on Play Store with 3 different interactive tests, covering the fields of:

  • Visual acuity
  • Colour vision
  • Contrast vision

Full Smart Optometry version will be available in next months for a total of 15 standardised tests from the testing fields of:

  • Heterophoria / heterotropia,
  • Neurological and visual field defects,
  • Amblyopia,
  • and others.

Smart Optometry PRO for Android will include all the functionalities available to iOS users, however it will be completely optimised for the Android devices: application will use native and intuitive controls that Android users are used to.

Stay tuned and Smart up your vision!

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Smart Optometry Lite now available

1 August 2016 / by Matic Ozebek

Smart Optometry application for smartphones and tablets is for some time already available for all iOS devices at a price of $4.99, yet we have received a feedback that given very bad experience with some applications that under delivered, some of you are very cautious before shilling out for a professional application. You stated that you wanted to »try out, before actually purchasing«.

Since we are in business of listening to your desires and finding ways to accommodate your wishes, we have prepared for you a stripped down version of Smart Optometry, that instead of 15 standardised methods of eye examinations, includes 3 such tests that are used the most and do not require any additional equipment (such as green-red filters). Free Lite version does not include language localisation (available only in Pro version), but it does include our News section that brings you curated daily news from the eye care industry.

However, we went one step further: not only we are offering you Smart Optometry Lite version for free on iOS devices – we also prepared Android version of the Lite application! You can find links to all versions below, as well as in the ‘Download’ section on this website.

Smart up your vision!

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